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DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival 2014

Open your outlook, On September 15-17 DLD Tel Aviv innovated festival is the place you want to be!
Conferences Workshops, Panels, One on One meetings, demos all free of charge, structure just for you developer, entrepreneur startups just come and meet your new investor, partner or exciting new idea.

Enter and chose the events you want to register too.

See you at the TACHANA.

DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference

DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference is Israel's largest international Hi-tech gathering, featuring hundreds of start ups, VC’s, angel investors and leading multinationals boasting top technological talent, the highest venture capital investments per capita and multi national centers for industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft,

Amazon, GM, Kimberly Clark, Amdocs, Facebook and more. Tel Aviv is the best location to get up close and personal with the entire Hi-tech hub!

GameIS' Game Dev conference

as part of the DLDTLV 2014 festival, with an impressive cadre of speakers from the international game industry, in an extraordinary marathon of lectures (as usual).

The complete list of speakers will be released soon.

*The event is free of charge, however registration is required, via this form.

Immediately following – Meet the Leaders with the Garage Geeks at Hatachana

(Free, registration required)

At this opportunity, we'd like to remind you of a few additional events (most of them free, but require some mouse action):

On the 16th of September – the traditional GameIS & DLD Annual Gaming Meetup, with the speakers from Game Dev conference (except a day earlier, think of it as time travel) at 20:00 in Taizo (the event is free, 15% off drinks and menu)

And if you manage to arrive at 18:30, you can hear about "The Future of Books" at the Beer & Mingle event for the Utopia Festival

Earlier than even that – the Amazon event at Rothschild 32, on the 16th at 16:00 with everything Amazon is doing with games and a bit about the Association, for those unfamiliar (more details soon, free and worth it).

Additionally, Gaming and Game Makers & Technology Exhibit, on the 16th and 17th of September. Want to participate and show? more details here.

The Utopia Festival events, in collaboration with DLD during the entire week, worth a read, it's great!

(part of it is free, partly paid but worth every Shekel)

And of course, a Huge Thank You to Yossi Vardi and the Oscar team for this amazing festival!

GameIS & DLD Annual Gaming Meetup

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