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GameIS Dev Day 2016

1397303_626588347463680_8832450062379638164_oGameIS, the Digital Games Industry Association in Israel is a nonprofit association, bringing together the majority of Israeli game companies and developers. Its goal is to advance the status of professional Israeli developers in the local market, and at the same time, allow for business opportunities with foreign markets. GameIS is the primary Israeli producer of events in the field of game development.

10818205_626592920796556_1802706064683624338_oThe GameIS Developers Day

The Israeli Game Developer Day will be held for the first time in July, focused on technical development and sponsored by leading companies from the Israeli and international market.

In this event, GameIS will host over 500 participants at Tel Aviv. Local companies and independent developers will convene, to take part in workshops, hear lecturers from international guests and display their latest projects.

Our main goal for the day is to improve professional skills within the Israeli game developers.

For sponsorshop please contact us.

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10633587_626589047463610_8478696787370714259_oEvent’s main Sessions

International Speakers and Guests of Honor – Top developers from around the world will honor the event by giving talks and maintaining workshops.

* We still have a few open lecture spots, for individuals or companies with relevant experience.

For more info please contact us.

Lectures and Professional Sessions – Some of the best of the local industry talents and academy members will give lectures about: technology, tools, development trends (AR/VR etc.) and platform oriented talks (Unity, Unreal etc…)


The event brings together industry professionals in Israel, is intended for the following target audience:

Developers, project managers and executives from the fields of 2D and 3D projects, full stack programmers and experts for Unity, Unreal and other platforms

Age group: 26-38

Bachelor’s Degree or higher


Among the companies and talents we have this year:
Dominik Gotojuch – Lead Developer at Robot Gentleman,
Josh Naylor – Senior Evangelist at Unity
and Mateusz Wroble – Lead AI Developer at 11bit studios.
Chris Keeling – Director of Product Vision – WarGaming 
More info about the event’s speakers.


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