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GameIS Global Game Jam 2015 – Summary

Event Data

Participants (by geographic location) :

Beer Sheva 21

The Green Village 16

Herzelia 79

Tel Aviv 223

Haifa 32

Total: 371 Rocking Gamers!

Gamers by profession:

Programmers : ~48%

Visual Artists : ~22%

Game Designers : ~22%

Sound Designers: ~8%

Pre ­event preparations

This year, GameIS association has been sponsoring 5 central development sites: Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheva, Herzelia & The Green Village (Hasifa college).

Benny Faibish, who was in charge of GameIS sites in Israel, has been organizing the various volunteers, which have been managing themselves a whole site on their own.

Each site director has been instructed thoroughly regarding the conduct of his own site.

TShirtsGGJ15 (Custom)

Each participant has been granted a special collectible GGJ T­shirt, many thanks goes to Arkadi Zaifman for his T­shirt image design, and to Reut Kertz for her dedicated design and print efforts.

GameIS also has produced a special  teaser for the event:

Special Stories from the GGJ Israeli Sites

The Green Village site has been predefined as a “Shabbat keeper” site, and has been starting its development process early on Wednesday, January the 21st. The same site has been ending its game development process on Friday the 23rd, just when other regular sites has been starting to develop their own games.

Similar to the Green Village site, Jerusalem included a “Shabbat keeper” site as well, starting on Wednesday and ending on Friday noon. This special situation actually played for the best of some of the developers, allowing them to develop games on two sites.

Tel­Aviv has been hosting the GGJ on “Beit Hair” Museum, which has been showing its unique “Immersia” ­ game exhibition, over backgrounds describing game characters and scenes. Mr. Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel­Aviv, visited the GGJ weekend on the Tel­Aviv site, watched developers and designers creating their games, and even participate himself in a video cutscene of one of the games.

This year has set a record of the widest age range of the participants ­the youngest developer aged 9, and two parents that participated in the game creation process with their children, using the Scratch game engine.

Game ON!

GameIS Global Game Jam 2015 in pictures

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