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אירוע Twitch בתל אביב

The Twitch Developer team is partnering with GameIS Israel and coming to Tel Aviv on 8 April before they make their way to Berlin for TwitchCon EU. They are hosting a technical event for game developers, extensions developers, and Twitch enthusiasts. Come and meet the TwitchDev team for an evening of live demos, product updates, and networking. There will be guest speakers from Stream Elements and Hype talk giving their take on what it means to build on Twitch! Thanks to the partnership with Twitch and GameIS, Twitch is able to offer a special gift to all event attendees. Please join Twitch at the event and receive $500 in AWS credits when you create a Twitch Developer account. Looking forward to seeing everyone there
Free Registration: http://bit.ly/GameISTwitch19
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