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First Crypto Games Conference

Kyiv to Host the World’s First Crypto Games Conference – May 11th, 2018.
More than 300 of the world’s leading experts on blockchain, crypto and games are expected to gather for the 1-day summit, which will feature a keynote from CryptoKitties creator, AxiomZen.
Kyiv, Ukraine – April 10 – The world’s first Crypto Games Conference will be held on May 11th, 2018 at Mercure Congress Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine. This first of a kind event will unite the worlds of games, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain to explore the amazing and transformative impact they are having on the future of entertainment and gaming.
Participants will learn from emergent leaders and experts in this exciting field, and have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and discuss important topics and issues facing the industry as it develops.
“We are super excited to host the first-ever conference focused on blockchain games, an exclusive event bringing together top experts in charge of shaping of the brand-new games industry,” says Andriy Sharanevych, co-founder of Crypto Games Conference “We’re proud to be able to work with developers and platforms who think out of the box and are set to change the canvas of market and of video games as we know them.”
Crypto Games Conference will offer two summit tracks, dealing with three themes in depth:
   • Blockchain based games (СryptoKitties, Dragonereum, Spells of Genesis, and others)
   • Game services using blockchain or cryptocurrencies (Alto io, BitGuild, Decentraland, and more)
   • Gaming using blockchain or cryptocurrencies (DAO Casino, True Flip, EtherSport, etc.)
More than 20 high profile speakers from the USA, Europe and Asia have been confirmed. One of the many highlights of the summit will a keynote charting the explosive rise of Cryptokitties. Benny Giang, Product Manager of AxiomZen, will share the story of its success and discuss the importance of exploring extensibility for blockchain games.
Industry icon Gary Bracey (formerly of Kuju, Ocean) CEO of Terra Virtua will take the audience on a journey of how the games industry has evolved from 8-Bit Computers in the 80’s to the present time and explore the use of blockchain for in immersive VR games.
Attendees will be able to learn from panels and presentations – featuring experts from Alto, DAO.Casino, BitGuild, WAX, EverdreamSoft, SiGMA and many more.
Crypto Games Conference is a unique opportunity to join the community of decision makers and visionaries of the most important crypto gaming companies and ICOs for a full day of networking, knowledge sharing, and discussion of the newest and exciting developments in the games industry to date.
Participants can register for the summit here: http://bit.ly/CryptoConf18
להנחת קהילת GameIS הכניסו קוד: GAMEIS (כמה נוח!)
For any questions please contact: hello@cryptogames.events

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