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Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2015

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Pocket Gamer Connects conferences
started 2015 with a bang, with bigger, better, and brighter PG Connects London and PG Connects Bangalore events showcasing the finest of mobile games and the industry beyond!
Curated by the team responsible for Pocket Gamer and PocketGamer.biz, Steel Media’s Pocket Gamer Connects is the fully inclusive mobile gaming event providing something for every industry player – from global corporations looking to hone their strategy right down to small indie developers seeking out serious inspiration.

So what can you expect from PGC San Francisco? Spreading over 80 speakers across 4 tracks (Global Games Publishing (East Meets West); Indie Survival Guide; Acquire, Engage, Monetise; Bonus Level), we’ll be bringing together the world’s biggest names and developers in a friendly environment where everyone can connect together over the big (and small) issues affecting all of the mobile gaming industry.
Our unique distinctive short-form lectures will be providing insight and inspiration. With short sharp lectures, honest panel sessions offering frank opinion and tonnes of opportunities to network with the help of our meeting system, the PG Connects recipe remains one of the tastiest on the conference circuit.

With a continuous aim to support the industry stars of tomorrow, we’re running a number of famous fringe events that help the little guys out. Our Very Big Indie Pitch will give the next generation of indie talent a chance to pitch to leading games media outlets, while our I Love Indie Showcase area will help professionally minded indies take the next step in their career.

Oh and don’t forget the great party we’ll be putting on at the end!
2014 saw over 1,500 attendees attend Pocket Gamer Connects across the world. This year we’ve already smashed that record… and we’re only half way through. There’s much more to come along in 2015 to make Pocket Gamer Connects an even bigger hit.


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